tour schedule

June 15th            Mullet Fest                                                  Oak Hill, Florida

June 17th            American Legion Turkey Shoot              Sopchoppy, Florida

June 19th            'Coon Derby                                                Yeehaw Junction, Florida

June 21st            Gator Gala                                                    Panacea, Florida

June 23rd            Okra Bash                                                    Wacahoota, Florida

June 25th            Frog Faire                                                      Funston, Georgia

June 27th            Catfish Carnival                                          Boykin, Georgia

June 29th            Carson County Tractor Pull                      Waynesville, Georgia

July 1st                Cow Chip Toss                                            Gordonia, Georgia

July 3rd               Skink Expo                                                   Indian Mound, Tennessee

July 5th                'Tater Blowout                                             Finger, Tennessee

July 7th                Road Kill Cook Off                                    Loachapoka, Alabama

July 9th                Hushpuppy Hullabaloo                            Hurtsboro, Alabama

July 11th              Polecat Parade                                             Peterman, Alabama

July 13th              Utica County Fair                                       Utica, Mississippi

July 15th              4H State Convention                                  Bobo, Mississippi

July 16th              Pickups-On-Parade                                     Lucedale, Mississippi

July 17th              Pork-O-Rama                                               Pork Belly, Arkansas

July 19th              Gerbil Jubilee                                              Twitty, Texas

July 21st               Possum Days Celebration                         Zunkerville, Texas

July 24th               Pork Rind Festival                                     Chocolate Bayou, Texas

July 26th               Bullet Convention                                     Gun Barrel City, Texas

August 2nd          Kern County Hamster Run                      Muleshoe, Texas

August 11th        Armadillo Jamboree                                   Trout, Louisiana

August 16th        Crawdad Roundup                                     Archie, Louisiana

August 20th        Muskrat Ramble                                         Mud Lick, Kentucky

August 23rd        Beaver Festival                                            Beaver Bottom, Kentucky

August 27th        Pumpkin Jamboree                                     Pumpkin Center, Missouri

September 3rd    Chipmunk Stampede                                Chipmunk Junction, Missouri

Dates for the Doofi Across America Tour

The Doofus Brothers Tour Bus.

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