The Doofus Brothers Band

Dave, Paul and Mike, three friends who grew up surfing together in the '60s, pursue every surfer's dream through frequent trips to exotic locales in search of the perfect wave.  Their musical collaboration, The Doofus Brothers Band, has been described as a combination of Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets This is Spinal Tap, with a little of The Blues Brothers and The Endless Summer thrown in for good measure.  With musical roots in rural Central Florida, they blend Classic Rock and R&B with their middle-aged surfing lifestyle to achieve the unique Doofonic© sound that has already made them legends in their own minds.  So grab your board and get ready to smile.  It’s time to meet the Doofus Brothers!

Discography gives You Tube links to all of the songs ever recorded by the Doofus Brothers, and lists future releases from the Band.  You’ll be amazed at the incredible range and versatility of the group as you preview their music!  Buy Music allows you to buy and download MP3s of selected Doofus Brothers songs.   The Band introduces you to each Doofus Brother and his musical talents.  Interview gets you up close and personal with the Doofi through an early and far-ranging TV interview.  Learn the history of the band and how they got their name!  Tour Schedule gives dates for the upcoming Doofi Across America Tour, and lets you find out when the Doofus Brothers will be performing in your area.  Backup Singers  and Opening Act introduce you to the great supporting talent the Doofus Brothers have lined up for the tour.  And  Support Staff acquaints you with the folks who will be working behind the scenes to make the tour a success.  Fan Club tells you how to join the Official Doofus Brothers Fan Club© (ask about our special arrangements for Groupies!).  Surf Trips shows pictures from the Doofus Brothers' many surf trips together.  Videos includes some of the Doofus Brothers’ music videos plus never before seen studio footage.   News Articles gives recent press releases and news articles about the band. Follow their adventures as they tour across America!  Recording Session gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the Doofi in the studio.   Doofus World provides information about the planned Doofus Brothers Theme Park and introduces you to the key players on the project.  Merchandise tells you how to buy Doofus Brothers CDs, T-shirts, action figures, bobble-head dolls, whoopi cushions, and much much more.  And, finally, Booking Information tells you how to contact the Doofus Brothers Manager to book a live performance by the band.